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Well we’re finally back after what seems like an eternity at the beach. We had such a great time and made some incredible portraits (photos to come later). We stayed at the AMAZING Village of South Walton which is in the nice community of Seacrest Beach.

A funny thing happened on the last day. We loaded up the kids and headed out to Shell Island to snorkel. The waves were so big they knocked me down several times, but I finally got into the groove. Just as I was starting to haul in some serious shells, I heard someone yell at me “HEY!”
I looked up and it was a Florida State Park policeman on his 4-wheeler. He called me in and I actually got a citation for “Snorkeling without a flag.” Appearantly Florida state law requires that any snorkeler or diver must be within 50 feet of a diver down flag. He told me that I could remove the snorkel and leave the mask on and I would be legal…but since I didn’t really want to drown….that put an end to my snorkeling. Next time I guess I’ll know.

Stay tuned for more photos!


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