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Work…on Labor Day?

So yesterday I got the chance to work with my favorite subjects ever.  First a little trip to see the new baby niece for a few newborn shots.  It’s unbelieveable how tiny she is!  Next we dragged our kids all over town for a few “urban” portraits. They were pretty good sports though…and the complaining was kept to a minimum. I guess they realize by now that it’s going to happen and there is a hard way and an easy way, so they chose the latter, only to be rewarded with a trip to Krispy Kreme. Wait…was that a reward for them…or for mom and dad? No matter. After the doughnut feast we met up with another one of my very favorite subjects…miss Brooklyn! As usual she was a champ, and we found this cool field for a little color. So yes, I worked on Labor Day, but I guess for me it’s a little different. For me, it’s a labor of love.








Lindsey - This may be my favorite blog ever. A beautiful baby, awesome flower field and the Gray trio looking amazing as always! 🙂 Kudos, sir.

Barbara - You have outdone yourself once again! Beautiful baby and adorable children…Who does that 3rd little one take after? He looks like he is full of 'fun".

Bentley - Lindsey: Thank you ma'am. It was a great day.Barbara: He only takes after himself…and yes, he definitely keeps us on our toes.

Michelle - Love, Love, Love them!

Walter - He definately takes after his Poppy! If he had a beard, he'd look just like me.

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