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Well it’s finally here.  The time we’ve been anxiously awaiting and at times secretly dreading.  I only say that because the fact that summer is here only means that yet another school year has ended, and all too soon another one will begin.  And then another, and another…you get the point.

Anyway, as has become tradition, we took photos of our children on the last day of school.  Of course we had them holding their “last day of school” signs.  We don’t ask much of our children, but this is one of those things that demands full cooperation.  As you can see Jack dressed up and brushed his hair for the occasion.  Sister enjoyed it as usual.  Little Big Man…not so much.

As always, there’s only one thing I have to say about summer: BRING IT ON!





Mommy - OH…they grow up to fast.

Kim - I love the look on Payne’s face…his personality is so unique, I love it! Jackson, so handsome, looks like a middle schooler already and Sylvie is always a little doll with that angelic look!

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