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There are a few people that know this already…but I’m getting braces. I’m excited, but nervous at the same time. This is sort of a personal issue for me, but my crowded teeth have always bothered me, and finally at the age of 29 I’m going to do it. I’m posting today because this afternoon I’m taking the first “real” steps in the process. Today is the day that I’m having two teeth extracted. Then on Thursday as far as I know the wires and bands will be applied. I probably won’t feel so hot for a few days, so everyone please say a little prayer for me if you don’t mind. And no, those aren’t my teeth in the photo.

Anonymous - At what age? I don’t think so.

Bentley - BAHAHAHAHA! I was wondering if anyone would catch that…

Anonymous - what orthodontist are you using?

Bentley - I’m using Dr. Alves in Guntersville 🙂

Lisette Price Photography - Yikes! I had braces when I was younger, and while they’re not fun, they’re not bad either. Just keep thinking about how your teeth will look once they’re off! 🙂

Jessica - You’re not 29!!!

Bentley - How do YOU know I’m not 29?

Anonymous - lol I was just sitting here thinking…”wow, I didn’t know I was that much older than him!”

Anyway, you should be feeling better by now, those first couple days are rough, my son was on a KFC mashed potatoes diet for about 3 days. Just think of the end result! 🙂

Paul Peppers - I just called your wife a “cougar” for robbing the cradle. I was like oh my lord, I can’t believe Bent is that much younger than us. I told Michelle I was gonna say a little prayer that the truth come out. Good luck with the braces.

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