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Pet Portrait Day!

Do you have a pet that’s part of the family?  Most people do, but all too often family pets are left out when it comes to having a professional portrait made.  I’ve been working on this idea for a long time now, and I’m excited to finally announce our first ever Pet Portrait Day!  We have set aside one day for this event…Saturday, February 19th.  Sessions will be limited so call us today at 256-593-0038 to set up your time.  You can download and view more info, as well as pricing information at this link:  We are also happy to announce that we are using this event to help a local dog shelter.  Rather than paying a session fee, we ask that you bring at least one 5 pound bag of dog food.  In turn, we are donating all the food to the 2nd Chance Dog Shelter which is located right outside of Boaz.  For more information on the shelter please visit  We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to let us create a classic, professional portrait of your pet that you will treasure forever.


Angie - She is Beautiful and I'll bet Biscuit is also!!

Timothy - Yes it is Lily and yes we are!!

Lacy - Put me down! Do you have any times left?

Melissa - What about 3:00?

Paige - So, you finally do it after I leave…

Bentley - Hey Melissa! We have several spots left after 2:30…what's good for you?

Bentley - Lacy, we have plenty of times left…what time would you like? Are you bringing Kyle? :-p

Melissa - Do you have any afternoon appts left? I'll be in town that weekend and would love to get pictures of rudy!

Michelle - I love me some Lily!!

Bentley - Perfect! I'll put you down and message you with details. Thanks Melissa!

Johnny Brewer via Facebook - Would John Everett count? He’s petted!

Bentley Gray Photography via Facebook - Haha but is he house-broken?

Timothy H. McRae via Facebook - What a beautiful model!!!

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