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Monthly Archives: November 2009


Just look at this curly headed baby!  She looks just like her big sis except for the curls.  I’m so jealous…Michelle and I couldn’t have a curly headed kid to save our lives.  We even let Payne’s hair grow out a little just to see if it would curl.  Nope.

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Just look at this little cutie that came to see me the other day!  And a classic name too…love it!  I’ve photographed her big sister before.   I even did her mom’s senior portraits and this little one fits right in.  Just a doll!

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This is my new little buddy….Tyson Bentley.  No, wait a minute…not Tyson Bentley.  Oh yeah…Tyson DAVID.  My mistake.  Anyway, this little guy is the youngest of three boys so he’s destined to do great things.  We had the chance to visit right after he was born and of course I had to break out the […]

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